Artificial Reverberation as VST Plugin

Ivan BROSCA172 views4 posts
  • Ivan BROSCA


    After trying Synplant 2 I realized that I am in love with Artificial Reverberation.

    I would really like to see the Artificial Reverberation module as a separate VST Plugin, where I could drag my sample and it will adjust the reverb.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Are you thinking the reverb effect would analyze the reverb settings of a sample (and only the reverb settings) and set itself up to match it?

    It's an interesting challenge, but it would require a different approach than the one used in Genopatch, where the settings can be easily tried and improved iteratively by the algorithm.

  • Josue Arias

    The Reverb in synplant is awesome, I think having it as a external fx (no need to analize or nmatch anything!) would be wonderful

  • Jurgen Karczewski

    I believe the new Fabfilter Pro R2 is something like this. It analyzes impulse-responses

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