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  • Cormac Crehan

    Hello, I absolutely love your synth. I own many and this is by far my favourite. I was just thinking what would be great is if you had a percussion option. This would simply be to give the option of making the randomised envelopes simply with a short attack and decay. I feel like this synth would lend itself so well to making abstract percussive sounds (which I already do) however when you extend the branches it almost always extends the envelope. If there was a percussive option that would be able to warp the sounds in the same way but whilst keeping the envelope the same that would be an amazing feature. Just a thought - keep doing what you are both doing as the synth is awesome 👍.


  • Manuel Senfft

    I generally like the idea to maybe look certain parameters in place before dragging the branches.

  • Adam Jabłoński

    My humble wishlist, to add on top the idea:

    1. Make everything CC-mappable (Plant Chosen Seed, New Random Seed, Grow New Random Branch, Genopatch Generate Patches, ability to program change between generated patches)
    2. Sample to Genopatch from sidechain
  • (Download Synplant 2 Pro Expansion Demo!)

    My wantslist would be:

    Proper preset browser.
    Parameter lock.
    A delay!

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