Some ideas on (or questions regarding) Synplant 2

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  • Juergen Voelkel

    Right at this moment I started to fiddle around with Native Instruments' SKANNER XT which has some functions that immediately remind me of Synplant 2 or rather raise some questions about SP2:
    SKANNER XT allows you to move the sample position. Is this possible with SP2 or would I have to cut the sample first to have it started in Genopatch at a desired point?
    Furthermore you can modify the sample speed in SK XT.
    Don't get me wrong, SP2 is a groundbreaking instrument but I would really appreciate to have those features found in SK XT...

    Skanner XT.jpg
  • Fredrik Lidström

    Start position? Like this?


    But no, you cannot move the sample inside the window. For example, if you want silence at the start or the end, there must exist silence in the wave that you can set the window on.
  • Juergen Voelkel

    Thanks Fredrik! Honestly, I just discovered this function after watching the little video:)
    I only saw one of the loop markers and therefore thought it was just indicating the starting point but now after stretching the sample, I get to see what I was really looking for (and the black skin didn't make things easier...).

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