mute preview sound in genopatch after the generation

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  • cool

    Hello everyone

    I'd like to be able to mutate the sound when clicking on bulbs in the genopatch once the generation is complete.

    Sometimes I test the generated sounds by playing a few notes with my keyboard, or directly in the context of a song by listening to a loop, when I click on different seeds the sound can interfere with the audio stream of my loop or my keyboard playing

    Are there other people affected by this problem?

    If so, I suggest an idea: the barred ear icon could also mutate the sound of the seeds after generation, (and by default it could be reactivated after a silent generation)

    Another thing, it would be nice to be able to mark the seeds in the genopatch for reference, as sometimes you can't remember which ones have been saved (we could make a mark with a right click on a seed, for example).

    and apart from all that quibbling, bravo, this synth is big

  • Fredrik Lidström

    If you hold down shift when clicking a solution it will not trigger a preview-note.

  • NextDAW

    - Fredrik Lidström wrote:
    If you hold down shift when clicking a solution it will not trigger a preview-note.

    That could work for situations where the user is previewing solutions, while playing back an already recorded MIDI. However, it is not very efficient for cycling through the various Genopatch solutions, while playing notes live on a MIDI keyboard, since the performer needs at least one hand free, to play the notes, while controlling the mouse with the other hand (i.e. unavailable to hold down the Shift key).

    I agree with the OP, as I have regularly experienced the same issue, where I just want to play a few notes while cycling through generated Genopatches, without triggering the default audio preview note, since it usually clashes with my notes being played live.

    Some other possible solutions (perhaps, in addition to that current "Shift + Left-click):

    A) Add a visible option / toggle switch to temporarily enable/disable the automatic playback of the patch audition whenever the patches are left-clicked.

    B) Add a single-handed mouse option, for selecting Genopatches without triggering the preview note, for example when 'Right-clicking' each patch? (i.e. mouse Left-click = Patch selection (with note preview), while Right-click = Patch selection (without note preview).

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