COCOON soundtrack features Synplant

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    I think the biggest hurdle throughout production has got to be the constant efforts needed to transform a synthesizer, which very often comes in the shape of a musical key instrument, into something non-musical and noise-like. Synplant (version 1) was introduced to me by our other sound designer, Mikkel Anttila, when he joined the sound team, and it was an eye opener for me. That synth in particular is probably one of the most competent pieces of software for creating complex, weird, and non-tonal synth sounds.

    Emphasis mine. And that's immediately what came to mind when using the modwheel on some patches!

    Read the interview here:

  • Jeffrey Harrington

    Fantastic find!

  • (Download Synplant 2 Pro Expansion Demo!)


  • Joey Luck

    Awesome! :)

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