Synplant 2.0.1 - resynthesizing complex sound effects

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  • Michael // MSLD

    I have been plugging more complex material into Genopatch. I grabbed the Hanna-Barbera "Singing Sword" effect (famously used in The Six Million Dollar Man) and made a passable recreation which you can download here(2.55kB, 146 downloads) if you feel so inclined. Play somewhere between C3 and E3.

    As is expected, Genopatch struggles to find convincing solutions to the timbral complexity of foley, composited sound effects (like Singing Sword), and polyphonic instrument sounds (like rave chords or orchestra hits). If I had my druthers for a script, I'd like to be able to specify to Genopatch the "amount" of tonality I want in a patch, which pitch I want for the "fundamental" (if at all), and what the most important 2 or 3 harmonics are, then have Synplant calculate oscillator tunings and FM ratios that would produce, roughly speaking, that combination of harmonics.

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