synplant2 feature requests

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  • lvp

    hello, thanks for synplant! awesome synth.

    couple of small workflow and engine related feature requests:

    • CMD click on sample window in genopatch to load a random sample from last visited folder.
    • small arrows next to sample window to cycle through samples in last visited folder.
    • a native plugin browser with folder/tree structure would be nice. Surge XT is a great example for this. hovering over tabs is way faster then having to click through native OS folders
    • i'm still noob with synplant but for obvious reasons the engine is less accurate with samples containing more high frequencies. would be cool if we could 'preshape' the sample a bit (simple lo/highpass filter or 1 band eq?)
    • dunno if this is possible: ability to 'timestretch' the created genopatch. ie, if there's an lfo or envelope in the original sample, keep the original speed of it across all octaves (now it exhibits chipmunk effect)


  • Jürgen Morgenstern-Feise

    It would be so nice to save all sound with one click.
    An superbe: converting all sounds to wav on the go

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