Synplant on Linux

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  • Mathias Baer

    Studio One is now on Linux, Focusrite supports driver development, Bitwig is there. Any chance we can see this plugin native on Linux? Or is there an official way to run this somehow different?

  • Error Eyes

    Take a look at yabridge, which allows to use Windows VST, VST3, and CLAP plugins in Linux. I've been running all Sonic Charge plugins for about a year now without any issues.

    I've also run a number of other plugins from other companies and so far it has been mostly successful. I have encountered a few plugins that I wasn't able to run completely nor at all. Therefore it is not a perfect solution, but it is the best one I've found.

  • Mathias Baer

    Just tried to install yabridge, but it requires wine and wine just doesn't work for me. And not just for me if I look at the review section.

    Screenshot from 2023-12-30 10-48-26.png
  • ICI

    I'm trying to get Yabridge running with Sonic Charge on Steam OS, for use with Bitwig, will update if successful.

  • Maurice J Ragland

    Motu is also actively supporting Linux as well with an unofficial cuemix and releasing their info about their avb api. The plugs work with yabridge, however, I am not able to register my beloved microtonic.

  • Aaron Urbanski

    I've been using Sonic Charge plugins with yabridge for months now with no issues. But, if possible, native Linux builds are always appreciated!

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