Synplant 2 standalone app on a Mac doesn't receive MIDI

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  • Christian B

    I use Synplant 2 on a Mac and would like to use the standalone app, but it doesn't receive MIDI and there is no way to set up a MIDI device. There are also no instructions in the user guide regarding this. Did I miss something?

  • Joey Luck

    I think you might be right that it's not mentioned in the manual.

    In the Synplant app, you access the MIDI settings via the macOS menu bar at the top Synplant > Device Settings...
    You can also access it via the keyboard shortcut ⌘ ,

    Also worth noting that you can use the computer QWERTY keys to play the Synplant app. They're really handy! I discovered some of these just poking around, so perhaps I'm missing some?

    • Q and A rows — Notes
    • Z/X — Down/Up octave
      • Use Shift to Transpose single steps
    • C/V — Lower/Raise Vel (by 10)
      • Use Shift to adjust single steps
    • Up/Down arrows — Mod Wheel
      • Use Shift for slower movement
    • Left/Right arrows — Pitch Bend
      • Use Shift for slower movement
  • Christian B

    Thanks a lot Joey, that info helped

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