Variation for same note?

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  • Manuel Senfft

    Hey there,

    when I use Synplant (v2), especially when using Genopatch, I come to patches, where the same note played in repetition can sound rather dead. Take this (random) patch, for example:

    Sto Plura Querimonia.synplant(2.53kB, 59 downloads)

    If you play the same note in repetition, to me it sounds rather dead.

    1. To the users: What ideas do you have to make Synplant patches come more to life, when the same note is used in repetition?
    1. To the devs: would it be a good idea (or some kind of feature request?) to get some kind of control, which would e.g. dial in some variation for every new played note? I guess new controls are rather no option, since Genopatch had to learn this new controls as well, right? :D

    Maybe I am even missing some simple technique. E.g. I like to use velocity to control some aspects of the sound. Thus the same note played on slightly differetn velocities can make the sound more living after all. Still sometimes it just does not work that well.

    And don't get me wrong: Synplant still sounds fantastic and most of all is just so much fun to use! (=

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