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  • Cat Pettersson

    Aloha from Honolulu,

    Very impressed with Synplant 2. I get it.

    But after all the hard work of developing a sound...

    ... How do I save the sound for future use?

    ... How do I play the sound through my DAW (LPX)?

    I'm missing a basic (no doubt DUH!) link!



  • Fredrik Lidström

    Main menu (≡) - Save Patch

    or click the Save button [↓] at the top.

    Are you running the stand-alone Synplant application on Mac? Typically to use Synplant in your DAW, you create a new track and load it as an instrument plug-in. From there you can play it and record MIDI notes and controls.

  • Cat Pettersson


    Appreciate it!

    I didn't see it showing up as an instrument. I do see there's been some issues with LPX.

    Will work at it!

    Thanks again!

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