Saving ALCs in Live 11 Sometimes Causes Crash

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  • khyme

    Hi there, just bought Synplant 2!

    I use Ableton Live's 'Ableton Live Clip' / ALC functionality to save presets. Essentially, you drag a MIDI clip to the sidebar and it will save the MIDI + devices on the track (such as Synplant) in a format where you can quickly preview it and drag it back in to a project later.

    I've been having an issue exclusive to saving ALCs from tracks with Synplant, where Live will sometimes hang indefinitely when trying to save an ALC. I am unsure as to the specific cause, but I presume there is some error with Synplant communicating its state to Live during this process, or waiting for an event that never comes while Live is in its 'save ALC' state. Unfortunately this causes a crash or requires a force quit, and when the project is re-opened, I will have lost my Synplant patch unless I remembered to save right before attempting to drag the ALC in.

    I am currently using Live 11.3.13 on an M3 Pro Macbook running Sonoma 14.2.1 and would be happy to try and provide some troubleshooting data.
    p.s. this is with the VST3 version of Synplant 2, haven't seen if it happens with AU yet.

  • khyme

    btw, doesn't seem to relate to the specific patch I don't think; if I save my project, cause a crash by trying to make an ALC, then reopen the project, there's still a chance I can then save the ALC without a crash.

    it may relate to genopatcher, as that is discarded once I reload the project. I haven't been making patches / saving ALCs without the genopatcher so I'm uncertain if there is a correlation, though.

    I do think it might have to do with the genopatcher / having a sample loaded. If I first duplicate a Synplant track I want to save as an ALC- thus discarding everything in the genopatcher on the new track- and save the ALC from that, I never seem to have a crash.

    Will update if this hunch turns out to be wrong.

    Edit 2: Nvm, eventually experienced a crash on the duped track.

    Edit 3: Maybe it only crashes if I go too fast after the plugin state is reloaded? Seems to happen after I unfreeze a track (I do so whenever I make an ALC to have a sound file for an even quicker preview) or if I go too fast after duplicating the track. But maybe there's no pattern here and I'm imagining it.

    Edit 4: yeah, no uh... can't seem to find a pattern.

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