'Randomize Instructions' button for Permut8

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  • amp

    I have to admit it. Maybe 90% of all my interactions with Permut8 is opening the menu and choosing 'Randomize Instructions'. I can't be the only one who is dying for the most used button to actually be on the GUI with the other stuff instead of having to go through a menu? :)

    Another option is to have a keyboard shortcut for it maybe?

  • michael noake-forshaw

    hit shift and the permut8 menu button together

  • amp

    The reason that doesn't really work for me and I'd like a single-click, mouse-only solution is that with Permut8 being so experimental I usually play an instrument into a mic or a midi controller of some kind with my left hand while tweaking effect parameters with my right hand (mouse). Having to devote both hands to make this simple command is not impossible but it makes it about as slow as going to the menu with the mouse. Everyone who's done this kind of quick sound browsing knows that speed is very important, to others it probably sounds like a very minor niggle.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hey there, I have put together a random button DIY kit. It consists of a simple push button and two wires that can be connected to the circuit board inside your Permut8.

    Done Right.png
    Kit contentInstalled

    To install the button, you just have to download the .zip package below, and then take the "Permut8 Resources" folder inside and drop it right next to your Permut8 plugin. Here are the default paths for the following installations.


    Mac Audio Unit
    Mac VST
    /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST/Sonic Charge


    C:\Program Files (x86)\VSTPlugIns\Sonic Charge

    UPDATE: New download posted further down

    UPDATE AGAIN: These hacks have been updated for our latest versions (April 2020) http://soniccharge.com/forum/topic/1617-randomize-button-hacks-for-permut8-and-echobode-updated

  • Steve Blacker

    Ha ha! Love it!

  • Troels Nygaard

    This is nice :)

  • AB459


  • amp

                   ,-""-,-"       "-,-""-, 
                  /,-' , .-'-.7.-'-. , '-,\ 
                  \(    /  _     _  \    )/ 
                   '-,  { (0)   (0) }  ,-' 
                    /    >  .---.  <    \ 
                   |/ .-'   \___/   '-. \| 
                   {, /  ,_       _,  \ ,} 
                   \ {,    \     /    ,} / 
                    ',\.    '---'    ./,' 
                _.-""""""-._     _.-""""""-._ 
              .'            `._.`            '. 
            _/_               _                \ 
         .'`   `\            | |                \ 
        /        |           | |                 ; 
        |        /           |_|                 | 
        \  ;'---'    _    ___  _  _  ___         ; 
         '. ;       | |  /   \| || ||  _|     _ ; 
           `-\      | |_ | | || |/ /|  _|   .' `, 
              `\    |___|\___/ \__/ |___|  |     \ 
                \            _ _           \     | 
                 `\         | | |         /`   _/ 
       ,-""-.    .'`\       | | |       /`-,-'` .-""-, 
      /      `\.'    `\     \___/     /`    './`      \ 
     ;  .--.   \       '\           /'       /   .--.  ; 
     | (    \   |,       '\       /'        |   /    ) | 
      \ ;    }             ;\   /;         `   {    ; / 
       `;\   \         _.-'  \ /  `-._         /   /;` 
         \ \__.'   _.-'       Y       `-._    '.__// 
          '.___,.-'                       `-.,___.'
  • Dave

    hah thats proper brilliant

  • Aaron Urbanski

    This is awesome! Is there any way for this to be added as a true VST parameter, for automation and MIDI mapping?

  • Lazylefteye

    I like it.

  • Steve Lampert

    Thanks so much!

  • Steven Lattimer

    Now that's customer service!

  • Morgan Greenwood

    - urbster1 wrote:
    This is awesome! Is there any way for this to be added as a true VST parameter, for automation and MIDI mapping?

    I second this request!! Is this a possibility? I'm tryin to work it into my live set and would loooove the random button to have midi mapping ability...

  • Philip Clinckspoor

    It takes a very adventurous man to use the randomize button in a live set :)

  • synclab

    God I've just discovered this, it's awesome!! Brilliant Frederik! you guys never stop to amaze me. thank you.

  • Chris Rose

    Awesome.....many thanks!

  • Matt Parker

    Is it just me?

    Randomise button no longer appears since installing the latest update (which is an awesome update by the way!!!!)

  • Chris R Gibson

    - varikusbrainz wrote:
    Is it just me?

    Randomise button no longer appears since installing the latest update (which is an awesome update by the way!!!!)

    Same here (OSX 10.6.8 AU)

  • Björn Lundberg

    Where's the zip file? :(

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Ah, yes. this file attachment did not survive the forum post migration. The kit was actually outdated and did not work with the latest version of Permut8. I have had an update on my todo list for a very very long time now. I'll try to get around to it this weekend.

  • Mr Spanish

    Could be great to have it back ! I missed this when you submitted it on the forum.
    I'd like to experiment with that kind of feature. Randomization from the menu is not as easy/fast as having a switch on the main panel. After all, Permut8 is also about positive
    accidents... ^^
    Also would it be possible to have that kind of option in Echobode too ? (sorry to be a bit out of topic)

  • Chris R Gibson

    Thanks Fredrik :)
    For the future would you please consider 'front panel access' randomization on all your products (like Microtonic, etc) as quick randomization is especially fruitful on your particular products for exploration of the possibilities ;-)

  • Magnus Lidström

    Choose "Randomize" once from the main menu, then shift-click the main menu button to repeat randomizing until you find something you like. Shift-clicking for repetition actually works for all functions in our products. It is also useful for things like shifting patterns left / right, undo / redo etc...

  • dreddiknight

    Hi, any chance of getting the randomize button back? or has this already happened, and I'm just slow to the party...?

  • e@rs

    +1 for a Random button on the GUI of all your products. When you need some fast inspiration (or you're bored) going through the main menu to reach it doesn't seem so nice.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Now I am done with the new random button kit. I also created an Echobode version.

    The old "Permut8 Resources" folder is no longer supported, it is now called Permut8 V1.1 Resources (or Echobode V1.0 Resources). They still go next to your plugin installation as decribed in my original post above.

    RandomButton-kit.zip(123kB, 788 downloads)

  • Dave

    nice one

    the shift click is nice but these buttons are really handy

  • Steve Lampert

    Way late to the random button update party here but thanks much.

  • Magnus Lidström

    These hacks have been updated for our latest versions (April 2020): http://soniccharge.com/forum/topic/1617-randomize-button-hacks-for-permut8-and-echobode-updated

  • JBDS1

    hy can i add this button to microtonic ? thank you

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