Geno patch should have settings tab

Tomasz Gorzelak49 views1 post
  • Tomasz Gorzelak

    Hey guys.

    The geno patch is annoying... creating sounds it's adding some random fx and length of the sound.

    Geno patch should have additional settings to attach when it's creating sounds. This will be more precise and more focusing what I want to recreate. Think about it please.

    Fx on/of
    Filter cutoff to not leave the geno patch every single time when try to adjust some setting to sound or the sounds should be spread all over the keyboard with clone function or plant this seed or something like that.

    When genopatch is creating at least 40 sounds I need to leave it every single time to adjust sound.
    I should be quick edit or something like this. Right click- edit this seed

    Thank You.


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