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  • Silvia Rothen

    Does anyone know, where the MIDI program list is saved in Synplant2? It is not in the Midi configuration file, I searched it there. I don't see any possibility to save or load it within the plugin.
    I ask because I see a very erratic behavior: Every time I load a new Synplant plugin into Cantabile, I see a slightly different list. As I change my patches with MIDI from SonicPi, I would really appreciate a stable MIDI program list. And no, the Reset button in MIDI Settings does not help, it does not change the MIDI program list.
    Any help is appreciated.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    I have no experience with Cantabile. Can you save and load and .fxb bank?

  • Silvia Rothen

    Hi Frederik
    Thanks for your answer.
    No, I don't find a possibility to save something like an .fxb file.. I can save something called a Cantabile bank. The content of this file starts with clear text, but the part after programData is encrypted.
    "pluginID": "5653544e-7553-5073-796e-706c616e7400",
    "programData": "clBNUAEAAAAkAAAANTY1MzU0NGUtNzU1My01MDczLTc5NmUtNzA2YzYxNmU3ND...

    My guess is that the information about the MIDI program list is in the encrypted part of a file which has the ending .cantabileSong (as I see different lists in every song). There I see a part:
    "pluginData": "xHoFTx1As/bBKU5xd3d3L36w4i4Hl4Md3L3F3Z0Wd3ctXrxAcXd3h6/vzXuT+w++J5nszu5knt1NdlYyppJKqnAAAID6n/..

    It would be nice to have a possibility to save and load the MIDI program list similar to the MIDI configurations.


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