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    I'm embarrassed to be posting this query here as I have used Typhoon on a TX16W since the late 90s (I remember the Typhoon 2000 launch!) so I feel I should already know the answer. I also love Cyclone. So first of all, thank you to Magnus for such a creating fantastic OS and piece of software.

    Anyway - up until now I've always used the 2 stereo outputs which (in performance mode) mix various voices either mono or panned across L-R. No problems, this works in a straightforward way.

    Today I've started digging into using individual outputs, having tweaked my studio setup to enable this. It seems that when selecting individual outputs, voices are split monophonically across multiple outputs. So, for example, if you select individual outputs from 1 to 2, and play a chord, the first note triggered will come out of output 1, the second output 2, and the third note will not sound as it has no output.

    It would be great if I could have mixed voices come out of individual outputs and/or send stuff out as stereo pairs.

    I'm not sure whether this is an issue/limitation either of the hardware or the OS, or whether I'm missing something in the settings. I can't work out how this method would really be practical, unless I limit myself to sending only monophonic sounds to the individual outputs.

    Not surprisingly it seems this issue is common to Cyclone as this post reflects the behaviour that is causing me some confusion: https://soniccharge.com/forum/topic/1879-cyclone-multichannel-output-audio-?search=individual%20outputs&page=all&~post9311&unread=9307

  • marm

    Ah, I think I've just found the answer (from http://www.pierregander.com/typhoon/typhoon1.html#limitations)

    "Another issue is the usage of the individual outputs. Because of hardware limitations, it is still the case that the usage of the individual outputs implies a special mode (where 8 audio channels are reserved for the individual outputs and the rest for I/II) pretty similar to the Yamaha OS, but slightly more flexible in Typhoon due to the dynamic voice allocation. "

    Disappointing, but I suppose if I wasn't happy working with some limitations I wouldn't be using a TX16W!

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