Synplant 1 repalced with 2?

Erik Umenhofer77 views3 posts
  • Erik Umenhofer

    I loaded synplant and it said there was an update, I clicked it, followed it to downloads, and the installer replaced it with synplant 2 and now i cant find synplant 1 because it's "legacy". What do I have to do to get my vst back? I don't want to buy a new license.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    You should buy the upgrade for $50 and enjoy the full power of Synplant 2 of course. But if you don't want to, you can find the old installer under the archive on the download page. The installer you are looking for is Sonic Charge Plugins 2022.11.25.

    This is the last Synplant 1 version and it's a little bit newer than the one you had, that's why you got told there was an update. But since then we've replaced it with Synplant 2 in the latest 2023 installer. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Erik Umenhofer

    Cool thanks! and yes I might upgrade soon since I love using synplant :D

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