How can i Controll Microtonic with a Controller

Ruwen Sirsch106 views3 posts
  • Ruwen Sirsch

    Hello what for a Controller are the best for Microtonic? i want control the Patterns downside the left and recording the Sounds!

  • AAV

    I use an Akai LPD8 mk2 for Microtonic and many other drum and percussion vst's. To play the channels/"pads" themselves, any midi controller will work, as long as it has pads or keys. Notes C1 to G1 trigger the individual drum channels, while Midi notes G3 to B3 trigger the patterns.

  • Kaleb Smith

    If you have access to an ipad there are a few all encompassing apps that will let you build custom midi control layouts. I've been using Touchable pro

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