Can i use all channels seperat and + FX in mixer on it?

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  • Ruwen Sirsch

    How do I get all the sounds individually in one channel as MIDI and can play them individually with microtonic? I would like to effect all the instruments individually in the mixer

  • AAV

    I'm not sure what you're asking here. Midi makes no sounds by itself. What are you using for a DAW to host Microtonic? If you use the multi output version of Microtonic you can insert effects for each channel in your DAW and control the volume and pan for each channel separately. You can either trigger this from a midi track inside your DAW, from your midi controller, or by running/triggering patterns in the Microtonic sequencer. Sorry if I'm not understanding your question. Post back if you need more help. Definitely check the Microtonic User's guide for more information.

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