Microtonic and PO-32 Tonic total transfusion

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  • José Manrique

    I know that the Microtonic is for production and the PO-32 is for live performances, but the reality is that the fact that they communicate, even unidirectionally, that they share sounds and patterns, leads one to think of updates in the sense of:

    1. giving Microtonic the individual morphing and punch-in effects options of the PO-32 (why not? or are laptops for live performances totally out of the question now?)
    2. give PO-32 the global morphing, stereo sound, etc, options of Microtonic (this is more difficult, not to say impossible, because of the hardware limitations of PO-32, but I'm sure it's on the agenda of the TE guys for what would be the EP-132 Tonic II, isn't it?)

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