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  • Patrick Dunn

    I'm still playing with the Lemur software and i'm wondering if anyone has the utonic lemurized .jzml files lying around they could share? they seem to be offline now from liine.net.

    Or are there any other alternatives people are playing around with?

    thanks for your help!


  • AAV

    I used Lemur on an older iPad with microtonic years ago but eventually gave up on iOS/android apps (well I still use one for transport control on an iPad for remote vocals). You're probably aware that Midi Kinetics (midikinetics.com) has acquired Lemur but looks like they have yet to post the app for sale on either the app store or Google Play. I don't know if it would be worth trying to reach out to Midi Kinetics (or how) to see if they might be able to share what you're looking for. I'm sure you've tried the KVR links etc that all are old/dead liine.net links.

  • AAV

    As for alternatives, there's a Touch Osc template here for Microtonic that is old but might be something worth building on.
    For dedicated Microtonic IF's probably nothing beats Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operators. I personally just use generic Midi Pad controllers to trigger channels and patterns for Microtonic and other drum vsti.

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