Requesting clarification on authorization count

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  • hej

    I recently built a new PC and decided to "upgrade" to Windows 11 to familiarize myself with it. Unfortunately, I was running into consistent BSODs that I could not figure out after multiple OS reinstalls, so I gave up and went back to Windows 10. My PC is now stable after running it heavily for a few days. I went to redownload Synplant 2 and went through the authorization process, and it shows that I've authorized on 4 computers in total.

    I am currently not using Synplant 2 on two devices at the same time, nor do I intend to do so. Will I ever run into any issues with Synplant in the future based purely on the authorization count being too high, or am I okay as long as I'm not authorizing/running a copy of Synplant on two devices at the same time?

  • Fredrik Lidström


    No need to worry, you are allowed to use it on more than one device at the same time and under normal use, you will not run into any problems with the total authorization count.

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