who makes the presets for microtonic?

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  • David Northway


    I was just wondering, who are these mysterious people NE, EM, DS etc. who make the microtonic presets in the bonus packages? Just curious!


  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hi Bill,

    This information is actually included in each license text that comes with the Microtonic installer as well as each patch package.

    But here is a full list for your convenience.

    AC- Anthony Chou
    BJX- Boom Jinx / Oistein J Eide (http://boomjinx.com)
    DLF- Digital Lo-fi / Christian W Puffer (http://digitallofi.com)
    DS- Darryn Summers (http://strangerrecords.com)
    EE- Electronic Emergency / Lawrence Strand
    EM- Elmodic / Ingo Nordloh (http://elmodic.de)
    GC- The Groove Criminals / Oli Bell (http://groovecriminals.blogspot.com)
    JN- Jaime C Newman
    JP- Jazzyspoon / Jason Pottorff (http://jazzyspoon.com)
    JvB- Jeffrey van Beek
    KM- Kris Moon / Kris Markle (http://laptopbattle.org)
    KP- Kalle Paulsson
    LV- Levon Vincent
    MDL- Mathias Lodmalm
    PUF- Puffer / Christian W Puffer (http://digitallofi.com)
    RD- Rory Dow
    SC- Sonic Charge / Magnus & Fredrik Lidström (http://nuedge.net)
    VAX- Andi Vax / Andrey Vachnenko (http://andivax.com)

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