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  • Magnus Lidström

    We have a winner in the Synplant raffle on YouTube! Glenn Gutierrez from California was the first to hit command-shift-4 and send us a screenshot counting 100.007 views. Being a long time µTonic user I am sure he will get much joy out of his new botanical audio toy. Congrats! And thanks to everyone else who e-mailed us. Better luck next time.

    In other news, if you want to take a peek inside my head and witness the mess up there, brand new online magazine "audiovoltaics" has published what must be the most elaborate interview with yours truly this far.

    Finally, if you are new to µTonic and use Ableton Live I strongly recommend Mark Mosher's tutorial on Modulate This! "How to Change Sonic Charge µTonic Drum Machine Patterns On The Fly Within Ableton Live".

    Yours truly,
    Magnus Lidström

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