Synplant-GUI issues in Cubase 7 64bit

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    Synplant 1.0.1 (155)
    Windows 7 64bit
    Cubase 7 64bit

    I'm a very happy Synplant-User since its first release and had no problems so far on several Versions of STEINBERG Cubase 32bit on WinXP 32bit.

    But now, since I upgraded to Cubase 7 64bit on Win7 64bit, Synplants GUI is not working properly anymore!? The branches are invisible and as soon you klick on the middle seed it's gone too.

    Here's what the problem actually looks like:

    Concerning Synplants audio-performance everything works fine (and MicroTonic too!), but having no visible feedback on what you actually do with branches and seeds frustrates me a lot.

    BTW: I'm also working with NOVATION's Automap 4.6, but it doesn't matter if Synplants dll-file is wrapped by Automap or not - the Problem still exists in exactly the same way.

    Reinstalling Synplant with latest Download-files didn't solve the problem, neither did avoiding Automap with the fresh Synplant-Installation help at all.

    I suppose the problem must lie within Cubase 7's 32bit-bridge then?

    Thx for any hints and/or suggestions!


  • NoComp

    Today I had some time to try different workarounds - this is what kind of solved my problems described above:

    • bridging 32bit-Synplant to 64bit with jbridge completely solved the GUI-problems
    • moving Synplant's dll-file somewhere to the Windows 7-folder "Program Files (x86)" instead of Cubase7's VSTplugin-folder within "Program Files" solves the GUI-Problem as well. Synplant is working just fine after you load it within a Cubase7-Project, but Synplants GUI shows the same defects as shown in my first posting as soon you close and reopen Synplants window by hitting the "Edit Instrument"-button. One workaround for this is to keep the Synplant-window "always on top" so you don't have to bring it to the front by pressing the "Edit Instrument"-button. But sometimes even then the GUI-Problems reoccur again - about one out of ten times Synplant is loaded without its "branches-GUI".

    However, I'm still very impressed by how flawless nearly all 32bit-Plugins are loaded by the built in VST-Bridge from Cubase 7 64bit.

    Well, you could consider my problem to be solved then, because I've bought jBridge after all, since I needed it to bridge another very important Plugin anyway.

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