Can't see Synplant in Logic 9 after installation

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  • anonymous

    I've installed Sonic Charge Synplant on my Mac running Mountain Lion 10.8.2 and I'm running Logic 9.1.8 in 32 bit mode.

    I can see it in the Applications folder, and the Synplant AU component is viewable in the Plug-in folder in Library.

    However when I open Logic I can't find Synplant in audio units, and in Audio Units Manager although it is marked as successfully verified, only the Logic box is ticked, not the node box.

    Any light you could shed would be gratefully received!

    Many thanks,

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hey there.

    I am not a Logic user myself, but if I understand correctly from what I have read, the Node option is very rarely available for 3rd party virtual instruments. I have noticed it shows up for our Permut8 plugin which is registered as an effect rather than an instrument.

    However, if it shows up with a check mark in the "Logic" column, and "successfully validated", it should also work. Just click and hold the "I/O" field in your channel strip and you should get a "AU Instruments" menu where you should at least find "Apple" and "Sonic Charge" under it.

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