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  • James Gasson

    I love µTonic. I have used it very often over the last year or so and have written over 20 songs using it as a basis, and I'm still not tempted to look elsewhere. Now I am in a band and we are currently configuring Ableton to perform these songs live. Exciting times. One problem though...

    Each song uses a different preset that I have created. What I was hoping to do was trigger a program change message on the first scene of each song that would automatically select the desired preset in µTonic. The patterns are loaded into Ableton, so no problems there, however I have just discovered that only 16 presets are available to be triggered in such a way, without having to manually select the desired preset by hand (a cumbersome task given our setup).

    So... is there a way around this? I have 20+ different presets to choose from and the more automated I can make this whole process, the better. Even the ability to save and load preset banks would be more helpful. I find a selection of 16 presets rather limiting, I'm afraid to say.

    Is there any magic that can help me here?

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