recording sound design sessions and VST host advice(paid software)

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  • Itay avigdor

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to sound design and looking for any advice concerning a simple VST host software (windows based and not a freeware, so I will be able to have customer's support for it) that can handle Synplant plug-in and also allows to _record a session_(is it called MIDI recording?), so I can record not only the result (as wave file) but also the changes that are done while I play with synplant.
    It could be wonderful, as I can record the changes as they are made, interactively, and to re-play them afterwards.
    I do no know what to look for- for a MIDI recorder? for a VST host software? Maybe something that have both? etc.
    I will be thankful for a simple and easy to use, and not so expensive, software ideas to the above.

    Many Thanks!

  • Fredrik Lidström


    As I do not actually use Windows for music making myself, I do not have any preferred host to advice you. For Synplant, you will want to find any good host that supports 32-bit VST plugins. There are a lot to choose from and all of the ones I know have trial so you can try them out.

    I will list a couple that I know is popular among our users.

    Ableton Live 9 -
    (Make sure you use 32-bit version of Live as its 64-bit version does not support Synplant)

    Reaper -

    Studio One -

    Sonar X2 -

    FL Studio -

    Maybe someone else on the forum that reads this can chime in what host might be good to start with for Itay?

  • Itay avigdor

    Thank you!

    It is good enough for me to check.

    Many thanks for your reply as well as for your amazing work and software!


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