µ-Tonic not showing in Cubase 7.02

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  • Sayer Seely

    Product - MicroTonic 3.0.1
    Operating System - Windows 8 64 bit
    Host- Cubase 7.02

    I've been using u-Tonic for quite a long time, and recently the non-multi version no longer shows in Cubase 7. It was working fine for several months under my current setup, I recently updated from Cubase 7.01 to 7.02, but I am not sure if this is when u-Tonic stopped working.

    The Multi version of u-Tonic does appear, and I can load it. Strange thing is that only slot 1 (of the 8) makes any sound. 2-8 are not muted, but no sound occurs even when I click on them. This is true for all 16 multi parts. Only the sound in slot 1 (normally a kick) makes a sound.

    In trying to fix the problem I have done a few things:

    1) Removed all VST Plugins from the folder except for MicroTonicVST.dll, and restarted Cubase

    2) Re-installed u-Tonic

    Any suggestions? I have many projects that use u-Tonic and I cannot work with them anymore.



  • Sayer Seely

    I was able to get u-Tonic to work using JBridger.

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