FR - Mouse wheel scrolls drop down menus

Steve Naumovski1 164 views2 posts
  • Steve Naumovski

    Just a simple feature request: The ability to use the mouse wheel to scroll drop down menus like preset and patch select. (uTonic and Synplant). Thanks, Steve

  • Magnus Lidström

    Unfortunately the actual drop down menus are handled entirely by the operating system, and as far as I know I can't implement my own mouse wheel handling for those. It ought to be possible to add mouse-wheel handling to the plug-in window though. It was something I originally planned for Microtonic 1.0, but it was a pain to get working reliably back then and I just never bothered trying again.

    I'm not a huge fan of using the scroll wheel for other things than actually scrolling, but there might be a case coming up soon where I need a scrolling view in a plug-in GUI. (I don't have that in any of my products yet.) I'll look into adding mouse-wheel handling to my framework then.

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