microtonic noise filter frequence modulation?

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  • Ingo Ziermann

    hi magnus,
    i use the mtonic a lot and i really love it!! BUT ...
    please add a filter frequence modulation for the noise section, in the same way as it is for the oscillator. i realise this momentary by using a simple midi lfo with very good sounding results. but this produce some limitations if i control the mtonic per hardware controller at the same time.
    best regards from berlin

    i attached a sample. check it out.
    the first 15 sec you hear the normal behavior of the noise section controlling filter frequence amp env decay manually. after then i control the filter frequence using a simple midi lfo. sounds a little bit like simmons drums or minimammut. you know?

  • Magnus Lidström

    Cool demo! I know, lots of early synth drums had that filter-sweeping sound. It's never been part of the Microtonic sound palette. It was one of those things I consciously steered away from, partly to make the UI simpler but also because at the time I had to use a really cheap filter algorithm that didn't sound good enough when sweeping. The audio engine for Microtonic was designed in 2002 and on PPC G3's it actually took something like 30% CPU. Hard to believe today.

    But times are different of course. I have some seriously cool filter algos today that would do the trick. I'll note your feature request.

  • Ingo Ziermann

    yes, you are right. thats why i prefer to use the mt, its direct and simple way to get experimental analog-like sounds. but the lofi algorhythmus for the noise filter sounds good enough i think. it sound is very characteristic. may just rename it 'lofi-filter-fx with mod.' ;)

    it seems to me like an unused feature. because the filter is there, the modulation structure is given. it would be a wonderful enrichment to the mt sound without a big investment (may i'm wrong. sorry for that. i'm not a software engineer).

  • Ingo Ziermann

    for your motivation…

    a better sample. i used 3 noise generators of mtonic only. no effects, no sin/tri/saw-oscillators.

    also the deep sinus sound is just filter resonance. the filters are modulated by extra midi lfos.

    just a simple filter modulation.

    best regards!


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