Microtonic 3.1.

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  • Luis Bicho

    Hello magnus i have energyxt 2.6 and microtonic 3.1 installed i have not just a question its something that is going wrong in the multi-channel version 32 bits, it just doesn´t work on channel 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on only channel 1 is working fine, and in the normal version the channel output B is not working either.

    It is just me or there is some wrong?

    Win7 64bits

    Luis Bicho

  • Magnus Lidström

    Just tried it myself quickly and it works for me. Did you connect the outputs in the "Modular" page?

  • Luis Bicho

    yes sorry it was my problem (modular!)...If you have energy XT on PC try my skin as a offer for the miss understood.


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