Midi out using Utonic?

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  • Jack (Jack)

    Hi there!

    Apologies for the very noob questions, but I was wondering if its possible to setup utonic as a controller for another drum program?

    I also use Steven Slate drums 4 for live drum sounds and was wondering if there is any way of setting up Utonic so that it sends the signal to SSD4 and controls it (if that makes sense?)

    I love the random pattern generator on Utonic and something that could be really helpful across other programs?

    Hope this makes sense!


  • Softcore

    Provided that your host application supports midi out from plug ins, yes it is possible. Look mTonic's midi options to set it to output pattern midi notes out.

  • Jack (Jack)

    Would you know specifically what option that is? I cant see to find it on utonic? Thank you

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