Microtonic presets not working with individual track selection

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  • DSD#!

    I have ableton live 9 and using your latest version of microtonic. I have a macbook pro laptop with osx 10.8.3

    When I select track #1 for bass drum and select the different presets, it won't allow me to go thru the other choices. My main presets menu work and the arrow is highlighted black, but not the individual presets for each track when selected, the arrow is grey. Do I need to put the presets in another location folder?

    microtonic.pdf(4.78MB, 785 downloads)

  • Magnus Lidström

    I notice from your screenshot that you are not using the latest version of Microtonic. The screenshot is of 3.0, and there is a version 3.1 out now (free to upgrade, so just download and install). In 3.1 I have improved this particular issue so that it works as expected more often. However there is still no guarantee that it always works.

    The reason is that it is not always that a drum patch inside a factory preset exists on disk, and if it doesn't, Microtonic does not know which folder to use. What you need to do in this case is to first load a drum patch from any folder containing drum patch files and after that Microtonic lets you browse through this folder with the left and right arrows.

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