Synplant not showing in Ableton Live

Christian Arranger571 views4 posts
  • Users avatarChristian Arranger


    I installed MicroTonic + Synplant on my 64bit win 8 computer

    In ableton live I only see MicroTonic, not Synplant ???

    thx for your help

  • Users avatarChristian Arranger

    oh ok I see 32bit only

    I applied for beta version, thank you

  • Users avatarChristian Arranger

    Finally Jbridge did the trick.

    thanks for the monologue

  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    Haha. Yeah, sorry. We are working on Synplant 2.0 of course, as mentioned in numerous other threads here.

    Yes, Jbridge is what people recommend. (Although if you only have 32-bit plug-ins you can simply use the 32-bit version of Live of course. No features missing there.)

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