use Microtonics Morph feature to control Synplant Parameters

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  • philter

    here is a short video i made today, i am having a lot of fun with this two VSTi´s... .
    in this video i am using microtonic as some kind of "Multi-MIDI-Sequencer"
    that controls synplants branches AND Synplants knobs/buttons .

    Microtonics Pattern Engine is used as "Note Sequencer" to trigger Branches.
    Microtonic Buttons/Knobs are used to remote control Synplant Buttons/Knobs
    via MIDI CC messages. Microtonics Morph feature can be used to create amazing
    parameter slides that will be sent out as MIDI CC messages. :D
    i used it to control Synplant but you can use it with every plugin
    that accepts MIDI CC input.

    i will try to make a short tutorial video about how to config the two VSTi´s so
    that you can remote control one plugin with the other.

    • [

    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video
  • philter is another version with better video quality.
    unfortunately the sound quality isn´t very good because i
    recorded both audio and video with a cheap external camera.


    YouTube Video

    YouTube Video

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