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  • Motion

    Thought I would mention for those interested and big thumbs up and thanks to Softcore for all the hard work thats gone into this superb control surface for Mtonic, its fantastic. Btw the "Tilt to Morph Mode" is a hoot!

    I'm using this on iPad 1(iOS5) wirelessly (still pretty tight latency wise) with current Lemur V4.03 and it appears to work excellently.It's as close to holding Microtonic in your hands with no wires. B)

    Requires latest V3.1

    Go here for download: http://liine.net/en/community/user-library/view/396/

    Softcore: http://www.softcore.net.gr/home.php

    Discussion over here at KVR which is where I found out about it:

  • Softcore

    Hey thanks for the nice words. Indeed, I was planning to make a video for it so that I would have "something" to show to the users of mTonic in order to understand the "power" of the template. Im currently working on a newer version with "sequencer running light" and more goodies like "randomizer exclude" options.

    I'll probably have to make a video of it though! ;)

  • Softcore

    Here's a more "thorough" video - still lots of features left out though

    YouTube Video


  • Magnus Lidström

    Wow! This looks absolutely amazing. Need to get myself that Lemur app asap. When I threw in the MIDI control over step buttons for v3.1 I thought to myself "yeah, here is a feature that people keep asking about that hardly anyone is going to do anything useful with". And then you go and do this. Kudos!

    / M

  • Magnus Lidström

    Btw, I am impressed you added the running step indicator. I thought about having a MIDI CC out for this purpose, but never did it. I assume you use song position in Lemur somehow!? Also amazed that you can create such advanced randomize scripts etc in Lemur.

    Let me know if you have any thoughts on how the MIDI implementation in Microtonic could be improved.

  • Softcore

    I rarely ask developers for features unless I have a really good idea of what Im going to do with them! haha! :D

    As for the running light, yes, Lemur is capable of receiving midi clock messages from the controlled - host application which hosts mTonic so I use those to get the song position and display the running light - of course, there's also the maths so that when the step resolution in mTonic is different, the running light follows - credit of that part of the code actually goes to factory template of Lemur "LFO Studio" , its not mine.

    About the midi implementation, first of all, Im already very thankful for the new aditions as without them, such a Lemur design wouldnt be possible in the first place so I return the kudos. ;)

    I might have a few suggestions but I understand that some things from now on, would only be possible with very limited controllers in the market so its, ermmm, I guess secondary features compared to other stuff you might have in mind for mTonic. An obvious welcome update would be to be able to select drum slots without triggering them - therefore I supppose include CC controls for selection too? (just like the mutes?).

    Actually, I will send you as a PM more detailed thoughts if you are interested (and Im not a pain in the ... of course) which I have also included in the manual of my Lemur template - I would like a confirmation eitherways as to whether I have the current state of midi implementation in mTonic correct or if Im missing anything.

    Once again though, thanks for this great update! ;)

  • Jesse Burkunk

    Since the latest version of Live I can't seem to get this work. Midi notes working but microTonic doesn't respond to controller data (channel 14). Strange since I can midi-learn the controller data by hand. Nothing wrong with the routing I guess.

    Any chance you know a solution? I'm really used to the template.



    midi over lemur is terrible. resolution is so bad you can hear it when automating a filter. And simply watching thos midi cuvres with steps gives me headhache.

    but this looks fun to try

  • Softcore

    Hey sorry for not replying earlier, Jesse.... What version of Live are you using? It seems to work allright here - and actually there is no reason why it shouldnt as all the midi data is processed by the plug in itself not Live.

  • Softcore

    Sylvain....I dont think Lemur is the culprit here....Midi resolution is standardized 7-bit everywhere (unless of course some rare 14-bit implementations)

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