Microtonic 3.1 64bit reproducing some sounds produced by MT3.0.1 32bit incorrectly

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  • Matthew Faulkner

    I've installed MT 3.1 64bit on to my new Mac Pro. Opening some old projects in Ableton Live and Logic (both running 64bit) reproduces some sounds correctly and others incorrectly.

    For example, in a Live project, I have a preset with a series of programmed sounds, which all sound distorted and almost initialised - i.e. horrible when playing back a sequence. Yet, on another channel, I have an instance which is playing back a pitch-moded synth patch.

    On my older computer, this project was made with MT 3.0.1 using Ableton Live running in 32bit.

    I've attached the project for convenience.

  • Magnus Lidström

    Wooh. This is a mysterious one for sure. When I open your project with Microtonic 3.0.1, the first MT track does indeed sound different than with 3.1, but here is the catch: if I open up Microtonic 3.0.1 and check your settings it doesn't actually sound like the preset is programmed, but instead it plays the typical initial drum patch sound on all channels. If I then start the built-in Microtonic sequencer, it starts playing the programmed sounds, and it then sounds exactly like in 3.1.

    Do you have some reference audio to how you expect that project to sound?

    At this moment the only thing I can suspect is a weird bug in 3.0.1 that I can't remember fixing (but apparently I have so!).


    running microtonic 3.0 in cubase 32bit... getting double beats on some sounds in software but original sound file plays perfectly in patch (browser) window...can anyone help...thanks

  • Matthew Faulkner

    So I perhaps I should try saving the preset on my old computer, and transfering.

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