a stereo version and dry/wet for bitspeek please!

Michael Schirmer981 views3 posts
  • Michael Schirmer


    because it is mono I always must use a aux track to use it, I never can use as insert! Also a missing dry/wet knob makes it a better candiat as aux, so please spend us these two things.

  • Eine Alte Oma

    isn't it stereo? as far as i know the detune-knob also spreads the signal, doesn't it?

  • Magnus Lidström

    Yes, Bitspeek is stereo in and out from version 1.5 (released 2014). It doesn't do separate processing of left and right channels, instead it tries to emulate the stereo width of the input source using the built-in noise generator. The detune knob shouldn't affect the stereo width though.

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