Authenticator Problem

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  • Cornelius Koch


    I have a problem using the Authenticator.

    "Could not complete the operation because of the following error:

    Die Verbindung mit dem Remoteserver kann nicht hergestellt werden.
    [connection to remoteserver is not possible]

    Close this window to quit or click Retry to restart the procedure.

    If you prefer to register the product without an online connection, please check the product documentation for instructions."

    It happened installing µTonic 3.1

  • Fredrik Lidström


    Make sure the Authenticator application is not blocked by your firewall. It needs to open a http communication to our website to start the authentication procedure. It should open a web-page in your browser as soon as you have pressed the [Begin] button at the bottom.

    If you are not able to get the Authenticator application to talk to our server then you can always register your product manually. Just click "Register..." under the main menu inside Microtonic and then follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Jim Beasley

    I was told I could close the window I was in and go back to the "Sonic Charge Authenticator application" but there was no application to go back to...?

  • Magnus Lidström

    Strange, but it shouldn't be a problem. As soon as the web page has loaded, your plug-ins should be authenticated too. Could you please check if they are?

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