Easy way to tune Drumkit to a set key?

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  • Users avatarJoseph perkins

    I've found a new love for Microtonic after downloading the Liguid groove demo. Feed it into the drum rack made for push and it rocks.

    Quick question, after messing around with the scripts made for utonic is there a method to tune all drums to a certain key. Lets say A minor?


  • Users avatarMagnus Lidström

    Tune all drums? You mean that you wish to "quantize" the frequencies of all drum channels to a specific scale? E.g. A, C, E, A (all octaves)?

    That's an interesting idea for a script.

    What's Liguid Groove?

  • Users avatarJoseph perkins

    Yes Magnus thats exactly what i had in mind. I've recently started tuning all my drums to a certain key.

    I make techno / deep house.

    I love creating melodic drum sequences, for the main groove.

    Liquid groove perfectly integrates into Ableton using maxforlive. Check it.

    YouTube Video

    Image this with microtonic and a perfectly tuned drum...... yheeeeeew

  • Users avatarJoseph perkins

    Ah sorry i said liquid groove.... HAHA Liquid rythem !!!!

  • Users avatarPhilipp Aeschlimann

    I agree with joseph! I was thinking of e.g. a function that would allow you to snap osc and noise frequencies to certain values. You could e.g. set the scale in a separate menu and then have microtonic move the frequencies to the closest notes.

    a randomize parameter would be nice, too, to make drums sound not exactly in tune.

    I'm not a programmer but this sounds like something that should be achievable with a script?

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