Permut8 download corrupt?

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  • Scott Simons

    I am a registered user (and also beta team member) for Permut8. I just attempted to download it to add to my laptop which did not already have it. When I try to open it I receive a "not recognized" message and I was wondering if perhaps the download is corrupt. I would appreciate any help you can give me with this problem.
    Scott (rexlapin)

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Shouldn't be any problems with the file on our server, something must go wrong in the transfer. I guess you have already tried clearing cache and re-download it? Did you try a different browser? If nothing works, let me know if you are on Mac or Windows and I'll try to send the installer to you.

  • Scott Simons

    Hi Frederik,

    I wasn't sure that my post had actually gone through on the day I put it up, but in any case I was able

    to log on the next day and download and install Permut8 with no issues. Thanks for following up on

    my inquiry.



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