Microtonic New User - Pattern/Song creation walkthrough?

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  • Mozzamon

    Am playing with the Demo of microtonic to see if it'll suit my needs but having troubles with how to go about starting up a new project to test it out.

    So for this test I'd like to start with a blank song and go through the process of creating patterns, linking them into a song, assigning drum patches and eventually saving as a project.

    Is there a walkthrough document for this? The User Guide is good for describing the buttons/sections of the software, but I still haven't got the idea of how to go about writing with Microtonic.


  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hi, no, unfortunately we do not have any tutorial for this. I guess you have already seen the introduction to Microtonic?

    YouTube Video

    There was also a review recently posted that goes through some of the basics in Microtonic

    YouTube Video
  • Mozzamon

    Thanks, will look at the review for tips.

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