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  • Mr.Beetroot


    Are there updates regarding the Synplant 64 bit release date?



  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hey there,

    Sorry but no. We are working our hardest on it right now but there is still a lot of stuff left if we do not want to compromise on improvements and features… and we don't. Still aiming to get to something that we can start alpha/beta testing this year. Once we get there I can probably make a better guesstimate.

  • AncientCore .


    since there's isn't a 64 bit Synplant and i already bought mine for 2 years ago & today i work only in 64 bit; if i sell my Synplant, is it possible for the buyer to register it again under a different name?

    or maybe you have some god news? :)

    'cause i wouldn't want to sell it, but so far i have no choice.

    all the best,


  • Neil Mitchell-Goodson

    1. The update is coming, be patient!
    1. Sonic Charge don't do license transfers - see this thread.
    1. Why don't you have a choice?

    Merry Christmas!


  • Matthew Beron

    Hello i have just booted my new 64 bit DAW with cubase 7.5.I was crestfallen over the inability to find the install Synplant on my new system i have just realized on this forum that syplant is not functional in 64 bit yet.

    I have come to use Syplant as my favorite most creative sound making tool of all time. I would be thrilled to have my crital creative tool in my new ultimate DAW set up. Please keep m me posted when the 64 bit version of your innovative beautiful instruments come available for my 64 bit DAW audio workstation.

    Keep up the good work I love this synplant for sound creation,it is an excellent tool!!

    matt beron

  • Pete B

    I love the synplant, that was a great creation , if it only had 64 bit, and a stand alone, but every thing you make or come up with are excellent, and you have a company thats only going to get bigger, thank you, for your intrest in us musicians, dubstepper,

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