How to control the MIDI of bitspeek on logic x

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  • Junior IDjazz

    I bought bitspeek but I can not use the MIDI in logic X, the sound just disappears when I select the option MIDI.
    How to solve?

  • Magnus Lidström

    Sorry for this very late reply. If you have not figured it out already, the procedure for controlling Bitspeek with MIDI in Logic X is almost the same as for Logic 9. (See

    In short: you need to create a software instrument track for Bitspeek (instead of using Bitspeek as an insert effect on an already existing audio track). It can be found under MIDI-Controlled Effects. See attached screenshot.

    Screenshot 2013-12-30 17.26.41.png

    Next open the plug-in GUI and select the audio track you want to process with the Side Chain popup at the top.

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