Synplant not showing up in live as VST or AU

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  • ttolleson


    I purchased synplant, installed it and I see the VST on my mac in the Library > Audio > Plugins > AU and > VST folders.

    However, when I load Live 9 it doesn't show up at all. The Demo didn't show up either, and I though just completing the purchase would help but it hasn't.

    Any checklist I can run through?



  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hi, sorry for the late reply on this one, I found it hidden as an "unapproved" post way down the list.

    Are you by any chance running Live 9 in 64-bit mode? If so, then Synplant will not show up without a 32-bit bridge. We are working on a Synplant upgrade that is 64-bit as well, but there is a lot of work left on it.

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