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    I'm one of the proud beta-testers, otherwise a mightily successful writer (meaning I write many words and as I dreamt of winning the nobel-prize for literature all beta testers of course will be invited too, and we'll finally see Stockholm if we had no opportunity before. Maybe I should publish my big book before winning the prize, but that's not settled yet^^. Generally, musicians seem to be far more fun than at least some newer writers. Ever heard of really fragile egos^^??)

    I use the ytonic not since it came out, but started about a year later, and love the synplant since day one. I'm still waiting for the snow-crystal-version, though. Wilson A. Bentley was a great man if you want to checkout some of his findings, and there are followers, all those unique crystals, what could better fit for snowplant, er, synplant?
    But as usual, at least in Germany I should be in the minority here, as the new word "Schneechaos" (snow chaos - used whenever more than 3 snowflakes fall upon a city, people get all mad and start to cry usually after the 4th snowflake) suggests. So I will just patiently wait for the new skin to arrive some year later.
    Cheers to all around here, and tack så mycket.

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