Cyclone Demo Tracks

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  • Johan Brodd

    Here is a demo track I came up with using only Cyclone sounds and some 3rd party effects.

    as-the-cyclone-falls by johanbrodd

  • Magnus Lidström

    - Johan Brodd wrote:
    Here is a demo track I came up with using only Cyclone sounds and some 3rd party effects.

    As the cyclone falls

    That was awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  • Borialis

    A quick Cyclone Demo I wrote for fun. Enjoy!

    cyclone-of-funk-by-eric-codee by polarismusiqworks

  • Magnus Lidström

    - Borialis wrote:
    A quick Cyclone Demo I wrote for fun. Enjoy!

    Nice one! Love that funky 80's vibe. :D

  • Borialis

    :-) Yeah I kinda' jumped in my Hot Tub Time Machine for that one! LOL

  • Johan Brodd

    Ey Borialis that is a SICK as heck good track!!

    Well I posted this in the wrong place, so I might just put it here as well. A late 80's / early 90's hiphop beat for y'all!


    Drums: Microtonic

    Breakbeats & piano: Cyclone

    Bass & organ: Korg M1

    Guitar: ManyGuitar

    Guitar effects. GuitarRig4.

    A Swedish rapper will prolly kick at this beat soon, if I get permission to post it, you bet I will!

    no-respect by johanbrodd

  • Magnus Lidström

    Haha. Those breaks. Proper old-school! Well played.

  • Borialis

    Thanks Johan! I'm totally jamming to your demos as well bro! Smiled the entire time. :D

  • Johan Brodd

    Thanks guys! Another beat I made using Cyclone. The orchestra hit / bell / gong comes from Cyclone, the rest is other plugins. I hope you like this!

    flawless-movements by johanbrodd

  • Magnus Lidström

    Found these trance tracks by Biome Digital on KVR. Apparently, all sounds except a few drums are from Cyclone. Amazing work! Good nineties vibe.

    100mg-cyclone-1?in=soniccharge by sonicchargesets/100mg-cyclone

    100mg-cyclone-2?in=soniccharge by sonicchargesets/100mg-cyclone

    The creator told me on Twitter there is some Microtonic and Permut8 in the mix too.

    Link to his site:

  • Johan Brodd

    Both sounds effin' awesome! No new track this time, but I'm working on getting some more for y'all listening pleasures!

  • Manic


    tx16w-demo by manel-navarro-1

  • Magnus Lidström

    Lovely track Manic!

  • Manic

    Jungle 100% Cyclone Track

    amn-01 by manel-navarro-1

  • Tomás Mulcahy

    A demo of some of the unique sounds I made with the TX16W over the years. Done in Cyclone, no eq except a top end boost on the main outs. Reverb is an IR of Alesis Quadraverb Hall, so it's all old school :)
    tx16w-demo-1 by madtheory

  • Johan Brodd

    Allthough not much of Cyclone is used here, it's playing the marimba and tubular bells. This is from my forth coming album "Skweee it out loud".

    white-hole by johanbrodd

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