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  • Aesthete

    Also, I happened to be getting my Synplant sound library up to snuff this weekend, downloading all the extra sounds from your website, etc. I installed the ones that I had there own dmg on my mac, and added the ones without to dmg to the library section on the mac but am not seeing them come up anywhere when opening Synplant from within Vienna VEP5 which is my 32 bit bridge to Logic X currently. I attached a few screen shots, nothing comes up in the factory sounds window in my instance of synplant no do I see any of the other banks liste, I do see some older user sounds I created a while back under user sounds.
    FYI. Any ideas ?

  • Magnus Lidström

    Sorry for the late reply. Busy days lately. (Fredrik also apologizes that he is behind on the support inbox.) I checked your attachments today and I believe the issue is that Vienna VEP5 includes its own preset management and the preset menu that I am seeing in your screenshots is not Synplant's but Vienna's.

    Some plug-ins do not include their own patch management and that is why hosts usually have additional preset menus like this.

    If you click the patch name inside the Synplant GUI you should find a menu where you can select native Synplant patches. If you cannot see any patches listed their directly, choose "Browse Patches…" and locate a patch in /Library/Audio/Presets/Sonic Charge/Synplant Patches.

    Let me know if this helps you.

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