Directory problems with Presets and Patches

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  • John Verity

    I am a big fan of SonicCharge products and have several installed -- Microtonic, Permut8, Cyclone -- which I use with a host called AudioMulch. Lately, and perhaps coincident with the installation of the new Mavericks OS on my Mac, I have seen a new problem arise, namely that these products seem to get confused about which folders of patches and presets to show me. For example:

    Say I am using MIcrotonic and want to select a new drum patch. In the Editor pane, I click on the drum patch button and choose Browse for Drum Patches. I might choose a new category to look in and finally choose a patch to try out. OK. But now, later, I might be using Permut8 and when I ask it to show me its Program Banks, it will show me that folder of Microtonic drum patches I was just looking at. Which means I have to navigate up to the Sonic Charge "master" folder and then back down the directory tree to the Pertmut8 Program Bank folder. And yes, if I now want to select a drum patch for Microtonic, I will be shown the Permut8 directory and again, I will have to find my way through the directories to the appropriate patch folders.

    This didn't used to happen, I am pretty sure. Each plug-in "knew" about its own folders and never did they get mixed up as I am seeing now.

    This MAY be a problem with AudioMulch, I don't know. I will ask around in that product's forum, as well. But I thought I'd mention it here.

    Anyone else seeing this?

  • Magnus Lidström

    Oh. I need to look into this. I store the recently used folder for each product separately, so in case it doesn't work it must be an incompatibility problem with Maverick (which I don't have on the laptop I am currently traveling with). Is this 32 or 64-bit?

  • John Verity

    You asked 32- or 64-bit?, and I am afraid I don't know. Where can I look to find out?

    (Sorry for long delay in replying.)

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Which host version are you running? (maybe I can figure out what is default)

  • Joel Alasaari

    Another AudioMulch problem which I hope John might have come through already. The sampler isn't powering up for some reason. With cubase it powers up automaticly but the with AudioMulch nothing happens. I can insert an image by pushing the floppydrive but the screen remains blank.

    Can't find a way to record samples with it using Cubase so I'm wrestling with this problem. Also AudioMulch works better with vst sequencers.

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